Yellen Says The Intent Is Russia’s ‘Extreme Pain’ Without Harming the US

“The freeze on extra banks is nothing, but this is not the most important thing we have seen so far,” said Daniel Tannebaum, a colleague of Oliver Wyman, who advises banks on restrictions.

Some American organizations have joined forces to force Russia.

At a press conference on Wednesday, officials from the Ministry of Justice and the FBI also announced a number of lawsuits against Russian nationals, including the removal of the Russian market from the dark internet and botnet, or the network of stolen weapons seized by the virus. a criminal program, administered by a national military agency.

Officials in the Justice Department also celebrated the capture of Tango, a superyacht owned by Russian oligarch Viktor F. Vekselberg, and accused Russian banker Konstantin Malofeev of plotting to overthrow US sanctions. Mr. Malofeev is one of Russia’s top officials and members of the Kremlin’s national security forces. (The case calls him Malofeyev.)

At the conference, Ms. Yellen told lawmakers that she believed Russia should be separated from the political system, including the closure of international conferences such as the 20th General Assembly this year, and should be challenged at this month’s International Conference. Monetary Fund and World Bank. He also said that the United States would not take part in any of the G20 summits in Indonesia this year if the Russians came.

Ms. Yellen, whose department has been working on a number of economic sanctions, has argued that the sanctions imposed so far have not been effective, because there are other factors that allow Russia to sell power.

“Unfortunately, many of our European counterparts remain highly dependent on Russian natural gas, as well as oil, and are committed to changing from that dependence quickly,” she said. Yellen. The Treasury Secretary slammed the return of the Russian currency, the ruble, which fell after sanctions were imposed in February but its value has returned. Ms Yellen said the return of the ruble was due to Russian monetary policy and the fact that its exchange rate did not reflect its real value.

“The Russian economy is in shambles because of the sanctions we have imposed,” said Yellen, adding, “You do not have to say anything about the value of the currency.

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