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90 min +4: Pulisic is approaching again! Free kick from the left is long shot. Havertz goes back to the goal. Pulisic leans back and jumps from six meters!


90 min +3: Kovacic is packed by Valverde out to the right. Another chance to send a free kick into the Real box.


90 min +2: From the resulting free kick, Rudiger gets his head on it, and Pulisic attacks his shoulder and inches above the bar!


90 min +1: Carvajal falls asleep in the center circle, handing possession to Pulisic, who has a chance to free Havertz in the goal. Camavinga takes one for the team bringing Pulisic down before he can pass the killer.


90 minutes: Modric cancels the threat from the corner, buying a free kick at low price under physical pressure from Mount and Rudiger. There will be four minutes added. Can anyone find a dramatic winner who will send their team into semis?


89 minutes: Chelsea reject Real. Pass and probe. Alonso then wins a corner on the left and takes it himself. Look long at Rudiger. The Real must be unveiled, but Vinicius awkwardly passes the ball to a corner on the right.


88 minutes: Nacho is replaced by Lucas Vazquez.


86 minutes: Pulisic and Mount combine to the left. Mount strides in the box and has a dig. Smashes the ball straight into Camavinga. Blocked and uncovered. Extra time is approaching, but no team is willing to sit back and play.


84 minutes: Modric throws a pass to the left for Vinicius, who drops a shoulder and almost overtakes James. There is a bit of contact as it goes on. Vinicius remains honest, on his feet, but he cannot disappear. If he had chosen to fall, the referee would have had to make a decision.


83 minutes: Chelsea are making their first change of the evening. Pulisic enters for Werner.


82 minutes: For the first time tonight, the wind is blowing behind Real Madrid. Modric is provided with too much space, 20 yards out. Whistle a low step to the bottom right. Mendy is behind it all the way. Chelsea climbs to the other end, Werner feeds Mount to the right, Mount spinning and shoots a shot into the goal and out for a goal kick. This is breathless!


GOAL! Real Madrid 1-3 Chelsea (Rodrygo 80); agg 4-4

… and now the Royals are back in it! Kante works excessively to Chelsea’s right. Marcelo intercepts. The ball is worked into the Real left by Modric, who loops a sensational sense out of the boot going towards Rodrygo, who opens his body 12 feet from the goal and sends a glorious sidefoot into the bottom right! Mendy no luck!

Real Madrid’s Rodrygo celebrates his first goal with Karim Benzema. Photo: Paul Childs / Action Images / Reuters


78 minutes: Rudiger is almost back! From the corner on the left, plant a head towards the bottom on the right. He flies, but Courtois escapes. Vinicius throws a counter to the left, but is penalized for pulling Mount’s shirt. Rudiger is so close to sealing his tie here!


77 minutes: The Bernabeu, in the far corner, is silent. This scoreline doesn’t flatter Chelsea a bit. They win another left corner. Before he could be taken, Marcelo and Rodrygo were replaced by Marcelo and Rodrygo.


GOAL! Real Madrid 0-3 Chelsea (Werner 75); agg 3-4

Chelsea’s guide is going well now! He is unveiled in the box to the left by Kovacic. He makes Casemiro sit and check. Then he takes another touch on the back to pass Alaba … then he shoots into the goalward, the ball takes a deflection which sends him bouncing in the lower right corner without guard!

Chelsea's Timo Werner scores his third goal.
Chelsea’s Timo Werner scores his third goal. Photo: Susana Vera / Reuters
Chelsea's Timo Werner (front) celebrates a goal to make it 3-0.
Werner (front) celebrates his goal. Photo: Kieran McManus / Shutterstock


74 minutes: The first change of the evening. Carlo Ancelotti is the first manager to leave, as Toni Kroos is replaced by Eduardo Camavinga.


72 minutes: Werner releases some of that tension by cutting from the left and blootering a poor cross deep into the stand behind the goal.


71 minutes: Chelsea was chasing him. Real fans whistle and scream. The tension here is palpable.


70 minutes: The mountain flew down to the right. Free football. James swings in. Valverde removed with a header.


68 minutes: Kroos is so close to freeing Vinicius in the middle. Rudiger comes out of nowhere and walks away from the Real striker. Chelsea counter, and Valverde is booked for a late slide on Kovacic. Well, to borrow a phrase from Danny Boon, it all happens.


67 minutes: The Bernabeu is jump now. An auditory cauldron.


65 minutes: This is a hell of a game now! The Royal went straight to the other end, Benzema met Mendy’s left cross and hit a header from the top of the crossbar! Good luck calling this game, which has settled into a Basque rhythm.


NO GOAL! Real Madrid 0-2 Chelsea (total: 3-3)

64 minutes: No ! After a lengthy VAR check, it is determined that the ball swept Alonso’s hand after deflecting Carvajal. The right decision. The law is the law, although Alonso will be considered quite unfortunate here, the involuntary light brush did not play a decisive part in the goal.


GOAL! Real Madrid 0-3 Chelsea (Alonso 62); agg 3-4

Vinicius is stripped of possession by Mount and Havertz. Kante transports the ball into the inner hand-channel for Alonso, who cuts it into the box. Take a touch. The ball deviates from the Carvajal sliding and goes … and Alonso shoots through Courtois and in the top right! Chelsea guide!

Chelsea's Marcos Alonso scored his third goal before being disallowed after a VAR review.
Marcos Alonso from Chelsea shoots wide. Photo: Susana Vera / Reuters
David Alaba of Real Madrid appealed to handball after Marcos Alonso of Chelsea scored a goal which was rejected after a VAR review.
The Real Madrid players looked confused while David Alaba appealed to handball. Photo: Paul Childs / Action Images / Reuters


61 minutes: Real start playing for the first time tonight. Benzema cuts off the byline near the flag on the right corner. Valverde hits the ball at the edge of the box, sending a scremer not too far from the top left corner. That would have been one hell of a goal. But then, at the other end …


59 minutes: Kroos and Benzema combined well on the left, before sliding Mendy into acres on the wing. Mendy fizzes a ball through Chelsea’s six-yard box. It’s hard to be trapped at home, but neither Benzema nor Vinicius are in front. This is finally where the home crowd went, after Chelsea’s second-half goal blow.


57 minutes: Havertz burst to the left, turning Alaba inside, only to throw an ambitious shot into the side net with Werner free in the middle.


56 minutes: Casemiro was brought down by Kante, 25 yards from Chelsea’s goal. Kroos sends the free kick to the top left. Mendy saves spectacularly. A save he should make in the nonsensical style, but you have to have a few pictures for the scrapbook, you don’t.


54 minutes: A deep cross from the right finds Benzema in the left corner of the six-yard box. He gets ready to shoot, but as soon as he pulls the trigger, James shoots to throw the ball. Another great intervention from James!


53 minutes: Well, well, well! A reminder that away goals are coming first … these days we are all in the right place! The Royals are not happy, however, because they are convinced that James’ shot which led to the corner from which Rudiger’s goal came is not deflected by a Real boot. The replays seem to show that the ball didn’t hit Modric, but here we are.


GOAL! Real Madrid 0-2 Chelsea (Rudiger 51); agg 3-3

The mountain peels another in. Rudiger rises to the top, and plants an unstoppable descending header at the bottom right! Courtois had no chance!

Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger celebrates his second goal.
Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger is happy. Photo: Paul Childs / Action Images / Reuters
Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel celebrates his second goal scored by Antonio Rudiger.
Like his manager Thomas Tuchel. Photo: Paul Childs / Action Images / Reuters


50 minutes: Loftus-Cheek takes a swing and hits it … It was close. Mount takes it. Really make a paste by removing the ball. James sends a speculative shot through a crowded box. He is not far from finding the bottom right corner, but the ball deflects to another corner. From which …


49 minutes: However, the Real would have looked for a statement to quickly start the second half. They didn’t make one. Chelsea have basically picked up where they left off.


47 minutes: Mount raises the Real trap out of play to the right. Tees up Werner, whose shot from the edge of the box is blocked. Courtois stretches to plant the ball coming out for a corner, scooping it back into the box. Havertz almost arrives before Courtois can stand up and suffocate. A fall on the keeper, according to the referee, even though Casemiro was still leaning against Havertz. You know, you’ve seen it before.


46 minutes: It’s almost an early start to Chelsea’s second half as Havertz strides down the right and slips into Loftus-Cheek on the overlay. Loftus-Cheek’s low cross is pirated free with Werner lurking.


Chelsea kick off the second half. No changes.


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WHEN THE TIME: Real Madrid 0-1 Chelsea (agg: 3-2)

Chelsea have been much better and fully deserve their head on the night. They don’t leave their trophy without a hellish battle. Nice job for Carlo Ancelotti to do during the break.


45 minutes: James floats the free kick into the Royal box, where Rudiger throws an inoffensively wide head. There will be an extra minute of the first half.


44 minutes: Kross bundles over a Werner in flight, 35 yards in a center position. Kick free for Chelsea, and the visitors could really do with hearing that whistle at half-time.


43 minutes: Loftus-Cheek is good to go. “How could someone who was mediocre at best loan to Fulham play well in a Champions League quarter-final?” asks Richard Hirst of the same man.


41 minutes: Loftus-Cheek bars down the right and loses a 50-50 fight with Vinicius. He crashes to the floor. A Livid Tuchel wants a free kick, but he’s not. The game is stopped, however, since Loftus-Cheek doesn’t get up. He could have rolled himself up by hitting the grass at his own pace.

Real Madrid's Vinicius Jr. (right) faces Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek.
Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. (right) faces Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Photography: Sergio Pérez / EPA


40 minutes: Vinicius got the ball at his feet on the edge of Chelsea D. There was a brief chance to shoot, but with Kroos and Benzema screaming for the ball, he caught it in three minds. Chelsea cleared their lines.

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