Megill and Nimm have managed to get back on track with Win

PHILADELPHIA – Tylor Megill gave the goalless second in a row to the Mets, Brandon Nimmo made a homer and the Mets beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0 on Tuesday night.

Francisco Lindor had a single RBI for the Mets as he recovered from a four-run lead in the eighth inning against Philadelphia on Monday night to pull off a two-game slip.

Mets 2, Phillies 0 | Box Score | Jolasez-Jolas

Megill (2-0), who won a place in the rotation, won the NL Cy Young Award when Jacob deGrom was twice ruled out for a shoulder problem in spring training, again looking like one of the 5 ⅓ innings.

After throwing five innings to win the opening day in Washington, Megill overtook Zack Wheeler (0-1).

Megill gave only three blows, none of them gave a walk and five of them came out. The 26-year-old right-hander has delivered just six strokes, while 11 were sent off without a walk in his two outings.

Muck director Buck Showalter raised Megill in the sixth, Johan Camargo made a single and went into the second against the sacrifice of Simon Muzziotti.

Chasen Shreve’s Kyle Schwarber was brought down inside the area, an easy decision for the referee there.

Philadelphia threatened again in the seventh when Nick Castellanos doubled the lead with a knockout, but Drew Smith knocked out Rhys Hoskins and Didi Gregorius to the delight of many Mets fans, among the 26,045 in Citizens Bank Park.

Shreve and Smith teamed up to give a hit in the 2 ⅔ innings of 2 ⅔ points with four strikeouts.

Edwin Diaz knocked out three in the ninth in his first save, five combined hits. Hoskins fanned out with the runners finishing first and second.

Diaz, who was seventh in the majors last season with 32 saves, rejoined the Mets on Tuesday after missing three days on the mourning list.

The Phillies ’inside-field defense helped the Mets win a two-run cushion in the eighth.

Alec Bohm made three mistakes on the third base and then apologized after the TV cameras shouted, Camargo started on Tuesday.

Camargo’s second shot after shooting Starling Mars ’misfortune in the eighth, Bryson Stott took the second baseman out of the bag. Stott recovered to knock out Nimmo, but was unable to make the first shot to end the double. Mars stole second and scored in Lindor’s only goal.

Bohm received a standing ovation before playing as a pintxo player in the eighth.

Castellini, also the group’s chief operating officer, is the son of Bob Castellini, the Reds’ general manager, who has owned the group since January 2006. Cincinnati has made the playoffs four times in 15 years, losing in the 2010 and 2012 series series, and the 2013 and 2020 wildcard rounds. In that span, the Reds finished with a record victory in five seasons.

Before the team’s opening match on WLW radio on Tuesday, Phil Castellini was asked why a fan should keep his confidence.

“Well, where are you going? Let’s start there. I mean, who did you sell the band to? ‘ said Castellini. “That’s another thing – do you want to have this discussion? If you want to look at what you can do to make it more profitable with this team, to make more money, to compete more in the current economic system of this game?

“And so be careful what you ask for. I think we are doing the best we can with the resources we have. We are not happier with the results than the fans. I’m not sitting here saying anyone should be happy. I’m not polishing trophies in the office right now, and that’s what we’re here for. But it’s a final matter, and I think we’ve had to change discipline. We tried a lot of things that didn’t work. And they approached work and they didn’t. No one should tell me it didn’t work. So I think we learned from those things. And believe me, (CEO) Nick (Krall) is a guy on a mission. And it’s a bull from a Chinese shop that has its way and that’s how yours is to grow and that’s what it’s doing. “

Out of season, the Reds traded former All-Star pitcher Sonny Gray, outfielder Jesse Winker and third baseman Eugenio Suárez and relay Amir Garrett.

After the Reds lost 10-5 to the Cleveland Guardians and fell to 2-3, Phil Castellini posted a note.

“I apologize to the redshirt fans and I regret the comments I made this morning,” he said. “We love this city, we love this team and our fans. I understand how our fans feel and I feel. ”

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