Klopp urges Liverpool to be greedy for points against Manchester United | Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp has said Manchester United’s visit to Anfield should be considered the three most important points in Liverpool’s life when they try to replace Manchester City at the top of the Premier League on Tuesday.

Liverpool can continue their FA Cup semi-final victory over City by replacing Pep Guardiola’s side at the top of the table for at least 24 hours with a point against Ralf Rangnick’s side. not successful.

The United goalkeeper’s manager admitted after the win against Norwich on Saturday that his team needed to elevate their game to get something at Anfield. Klopp, however, insists Liverpool’s old rivals remain a dangerous enemy and victory is of critical importance to his team’s title chances.

“If we let United do what they want, they will cause us huge problems,” said the Liverpool manager. “We’re going to be in the right mood to fight for all three points and we don’t want to show that we’re in a better moment than United. Who’s interested in that? There are times when you have better moments than other teams, but then you have a stroke and this is the best time, who cares?

“They want the three points we need. We’re going to be angry in a good way, greed, like you are if you haven’t won anything and it would be with nil points and it’s the three most important points in your life. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Liverpool humiliated United at Old Trafford in October with a 5-0 win that signaled the start of the final for Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Rangnick, his temporary replacement, has failed to score a million, winning 50% of his Premier League games to jeopardize United’s Champions League qualifying prospects. But Klopp maintains that there is no short-term solution to relocating any major clubs.

“We had a similar situation when I started here,” Klopp said. “We haven’t flown since day one. Let me say that, and you may have thought after six or seven weeks, ‘Is it really much better than before?’ You can’t just put on a magic sprinkle and go from there.

“What a good example is the 3-2 win against Norwich. You win 3-2 at home, it’s the Premier League, it’s a home game you have to win and you’ve won. Perfect. But because of the situation you are in. They have to explain why it’s only 3-2. What was our result at home in Norwich? 3-1, so not much better and we struggled at times and had good football situations and thought, “Go on, forget it, 3- 1, three points, professional business, go for it ”.

“But with the situation they are in, they have to explain why it’s only 3-2, why you have to give two goals and things like that. That would be the same in all the big clubs in the world and that’s what we’re all going to be dealing with.

“It’s completely normal that expectations are always short-term, never long-term. You want the advantage now and forever, and not for five months and forever. That’s the problem we all have. That could be the situation here. But we don’t make the team that has problems, we make Manchester United, the goalkeeper is world class, the last absolute line, so [in midfield] I’m not sure if McTominay and Fred can play and it can be Pogba and Matic, so up front you can choose Sancho, Fernandes, Elanga or Rashford. That’s what we’re going to prepare for, not what happened last week. ”

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