Jürgen Klopp joins Liverpool’s busy schedule | Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp has accused the Premier League and TV companies of throwing “a stick between the legs” of Liverpool’s quadruple pursuit with a match schedule that he says no other league in the world imposes.

Liverpool are keen to reach the Champions League semi-finals on Wednesday when they take a 3-1 lead in their quarter-final match against Benfica at Anfield. Klopp’s side face Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday followed by league games at home against Manchester United and Everton.

But it was the first kick-off at Newcastle on Saturday 30 April, falling between dates for the first and second leg of the Champions League semi-final, which exasperated Klopp. The Liverpool manager believes the workload explains why no English club has won a quadruple before.

“We’re part of four competitions, and luckily we’re good enough this year not to come out first, but the list of equipment we have now, we’re going to go through,” Klopp said. “The only game that worries me is Benfica. Due to the success we’ve had so far, we played Saturday against City, but it could be Aston Villa. [in the Premier League]. Then we play United, then we play Everton. So if we get there tomorrow, we have a semi-final and BT and the Premier League think we should have Newcastle away by 12.30.

“The schedule, and how people use fame at the moment – Liverpool is hot and everyone wants to see it – doesn’t matter less, TV stations. It’s just not good.

“If we play a Champions League semi-final, we’ll find another league in the world and another broadcaster putting a team in the semi-finals – it could be two or three English teams – at 12.30. It’s like, ‘Throw a stick between The legs! What? What are you doing? Why are you doing this? That’s why it’s so difficult, that’s why it never happens, because nobody cares.

“It’s incredibly difficult. We’re still in three competitions and we play for City; you see how hard it was. How can I stay here now and think about other cups? Let’s play Benfica tomorrow and how can I stay here thinking about winning the Champions League? .We just try to do everything we can to stay in the competition as long as possible and then be here in the final, hopefully, or in the league to take the final decisive step. “

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson admits the schedule is “crazy” but says the team could potentially manage 13 more games this season in the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup. “At this level we have to be prepared for this and we are,” said the Brazilian international. “We have a great fitness staff and we train every day for that. We have the goal, which is to achieve all the finals, to play all the matches – as many matches as possible for us this season – so we want to win everything. We are ready for that. .

“Of course it’s not easy, of course we feel tired sometimes, but you have to keep in mind that you have enough energy to face every challenge. We want to be in every game. If you play those games you feel tired and think: “It’s a crazy schedule. But we are focused on our goals and now it’s Benfica.”

Klopp has said he will make changes in response to Sunday’s intense 2-2 draw at City, not with his FA Cup semi-final in mind, and expects Benfica to drop everything at Liverpool. “I have, therefore, full acceleration,” he said of trying to cancel out a 3-1 deficit.

“I will try to put them under pressure, score first, and if not try to score a little later. That’s what we expect. Benfica will respect us first, but during the game I’m pretty sure they felt they were close. “But now, bad news for Benfica, it’s Anfield. They’re not just playing against us, they’re playing against the whole crowd.”

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