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Full time! Watford 0-3 Leeds

The game is over, and the season is over, most likely, for Watford. They can’t even do anything at home.


Full time! Southampton 0-6 Chelsea

It was a one-hour defeat, followed by a 0-0 draw.


GOAL! Arsenal 1-2 Brighton (Odegaard 89)

Once! Odegaard cut the woodwork, then found the net, with the help of a deflection. And we finally got a goal at home.


“It’s like a farce of identity change in the Emirates,” says Jeremy Dresner. “The team with something to fight for – flat, limp, unispired, insipid. The team with nothing to play for – spunky, combative, slick. Do these guys even look at the standings?


Southampton 0-6 Chelsea Something went terribly wrong with Chelsea. They didn’t score for half an hour.


“Just to throw fuel on the fire,” says Martin Crookall. “Someone does really do you want to start adding another subjective factor – does that matter? – in the offside rule? “


Aim! Watford 0-3 Leeds (Harrison 85)

Leeds are on fire! Jack Harrison, so prolific this year, secured the victory with a shot from the left. Leeds now have 33 points this season and ten of them have come from the last four games. Jesse Marsch, make a bow.


David de Gea called Manchester United’s performance “a disgrace” today. Complete story here by Andy Hunter.


Arsenal 0-2 Brighton Arsenal had a shot on goal in the 75th minute. Plus Martinelli’s banned header, which we’ll probably not talk about anymore. And to add to Arsenal’s misfortunes, Tariq Lamptey comes in to replace the second-goal scorer, Mwepu.


“Chelsea fans sing Roman Abramovich’s name”, says football writer John Aizlewood on Twitter. “Of course I can read a room.”


Watford 0-2 Leeds The second goal came from a cock-up in the back involving Kamara and Samir, who conspired to leave Rodrigo with only Ben Foster to beat.


Upcoming: Villa-Spurs It’s 5.30pm play, and Barry Glendinning is on the MBM for us.


Aim! Watford 0-2 Leeds (Rodrigo 73)

The nightmare is getting worse. “The game is over,” says Clinton Morrison of Sky.

Rodrigo Moreno celebrates after scoring Leeds United’s second. Photography: Alex Morton / Getty Images


Watford 0-1 Leeds If Watford’s season was a movie, it would be Nightmare At Vicarage Road. They had more shots than Leeds (8-5), and more clarified chances (2-0), but only one of those eight was on target.


Aim! Arsenal 0-2 Brighton (Mwepu 67)

A scream on Enock Mwepu’s half volley! And Arsenal’s week goes from bad to terrible.

Enock Mwepu doubles Brighton's lead.
Enock Mwepu doubles Brighton’s lead. Photo: David Klein / Reuters
Enock Mwepu celebrates after doubling Brighton's lead.
Mwepu celebrates. Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters


All three of these games are over now, and we don’t even have a home goal. You have to listen to the crowd.

“It’s always annoying,” says Charlie Robinson, “to see football fans clinging to knots trying to justify criticism of any decision against their team. Once you’ve typed in words like” While the goal of Arsenal may have been ruled offside correctly … “or” Martinelli was probably an offside player … “, you should probably read these words back to yourself and consider them very carefully. he wants to continue the point arguing that the goal should have been “.


“Shock transfer,” says Ben Hayes. take my place by 16:11. “It’s no surprise Chelsea are stuffing Saints if they sign Harry Kane.” Ha, sorry, that meant Kane. Add it now.


Watford 0-1 Leeds Good luck to Watford! They’ve been better by half time, but when the opportunity comes, Ismaila Sarr has all the old professionals in the BT studio holding their heads in their hands.


Southampton 0-6 Chelsea It could be really bad: Chelsea had 13 shots on goal, and three off target – the ones that were to be the three from Werner who cut the woodwork. Southampton hit a shot on goal, three off. They made another change at half-time, by the way: Diallo for Adam Armstrong. And Thomas Tuchel sent Pulisic to Havertz.

As a lawyer, I asked Alex Whitney a few minutes ago. “A quick look at my (mostly) empty billfold confirms that I really am not,” he replies. “I’m a public school teacher. Almost as close as Martinelli to being inside. Uff.


GOAL! Southampton 0-6 Chelsea (Mount 55)

Whatever Werner can do, Mount can do too. He got his second and at this rate, Southampton could account for another 9-0.

Chelsea's Mason Mount celebrates his sixth goal.
Chelsea’s Mason Mount celebrates his sixth goal. Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters


GOAL! Southampton 0-5 Chelsea (Werner 50)

More of the same! Made by Kante, who pulled a save from Forster, giving Werner a tap-in.

Timo Werner scored his second goal of the day and Chelsea's fifth goal.
Timo Werner scored his second goal of the day and Chelsea’s fifth goal. Photography: Kieran Cleeves / PA


Arsenal 0-1 Brighton Mikel Arteta, who isn’t shy of an excuse at half-time, switched to a back three ,. Bakayo Saka moved to the right wing.


“While Arsenal’s goal may have been properly ruled out,” says Robert Speed. “We have to ask ourselves if the offside rule is appropriate for the goal in this case. Martinelli and about 4 Brighton defenders are just a few meters from the goal line, and when Martinelli directs the ball, he is well ahead of those 4 defenders. People like to argue about the complexity of the rule, but in this case (and many others) it has a bit of a meaningless result. Martinelli took no advantage of it. count on something, but I’m not sure I have.


As things stand, Chelsea is 62 points behind and Arsenal is 55, both from 30 games. Spurs, even at 30, are one point behind Arsenal; they play after Villa Park. Man United, on 51 points from 31 games, are seventh, below West Ham on goal difference.

At the other end of the table, Watford are 19th on 23 points from 31 games, one point behind Burnley (who have two games on hand). Everton, after 30 games, are 17th on 28 points, three behind Leeds but with two games in hand. This is all presumed to mean that our 15-hour games remain as they are, which, in two cases out of three, can be premature.


“I think it’s likely that Martinelli was an offside player.” says Alex Whitney, “but I don’t see how to erase something when it’s not clear and obvious (at least from every angle we can see). concern “. Are you, by any chance, a lawyer?


“I’m often asked,” says Peter Oh. “Because iPhone users are so dogmatic about the supposed superiority of their product over everyone else. The points about it go some way to clarifying things. But as long as I can touch out (Pervis, Villareal left-back) Estupiñán on my humble phone doesn’t feel like I’m missing out.However, how’s this AЯsenal? Ahi.


Half the time! Southampton 0-4 Chelsea

It was a route to Santa Maria and it could have been worse. Timo Werner hit three times and Fraser Forster, according to Sky’s Paul Merson, “made two incredible saves.”


Midfield: Arsenal 0-1 Brighton

Brighton is leaning on its slender lead, with a little help from the VAR. And we didn’t have a goal at home from Anthony Gordon’s winner at Goodison Park.


Midfield: Watford 0-1 Leeds

Watford is still in the mud, thanks to Raphinha’s strike that went out of place.


NO GOAL! Arsenal 0-1 Brighton

The control is long … the whistles are blown … and the decision is … out of play! It took three minutes, 40 seconds.

Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli reacted after scoring a goal which was later disallowed for offense.
This is not good news for Gabriel Martinelli or Arsenal. Photo: Ian Walton / AP

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